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Sunday, 19 May 2019
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10:00 [10:00] 2-Day Retreat with Sara Travelyan: Coming Home
We are all quite familiar with our body – but often take it for granted. Everything we are and do comes through our physical body, but there is so much more contained within us and a whole energetic reality that we are often, in our busyness and state of distraction, unaware of. My own personal journey from medicine, into psychotherapy, energy healing and more recently yoga, has taken me into an ever deepening experience of the subtle dimensions of energy and the radiant spiritual essence which we all contain within our core. The experience of AWAKENING, comes through discovering more about these hidden subtle potentials and how to access them. This two day retreat will offer a map to understand this journey – I will be combining Barbara Brennan’s Four Sacred Dimensions with yogic teachings which I have more recently encountered – these are profound and powerful. We will be doing some body work and especially breath work together to enhance the energetic experience – we will also be using chanting and meditation as a way to access these more subtle states of being. Come with a willingness to be a fellow explorer on the journey inwards towar draw closer to the sacred core of our being. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring simple food to share for lunch. Sara Trevelyan is a counsellor/psychotherapist and graduate in Barbara Brennan energy medicine, who has been living and practising in Edinburgh for 30 years. She was brought up in Australia, but returned to London to train in medicine in her early twenties. At the end of the seventies she moved to Inverness for a junior hospital job which was when she first visited Findhorn. She has written a memoir, Freedom Found, about her 20 year marriage to Jimmy Boyle who was a life sentence prisoner. As her marriage ended her spiritual journey took her back to Findhorn which she visits regularly and which continues to be her spiritual home. NB: There will be no refund if you cancel your booking. Cost: £100/£80 (Concessions). For a Registration Form: Contact: Neill Walker,, 0131 331 4469.