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Circle of Trees

Description: Environmental Arts Therapy Group: Circle of Trees

A fortnightly experiential therapy group for counsellors, therapists and professionals in education, health and social care who are looking to deepen their relationship with nature and with themselves.

Drawing on Environmental Arts Therapy, this group will offer opportunities for exploring our felt experience through artwork, imagery, movement, story and ritual. Working and playing with natural materials indoors and then in gardens, woodlands and on beaches as the days lengthen, we will be guided through the year by the mythology and symbolism of the Circle of Trees in the Celtic Ogham calendar.

Group of 6-8 participants. Initial commitment to 6 fortnightly sessions. Costs: £30 per 2-hour session or £25 for trainees (i.e. those training as therapists/counsellors etc.).

To find out more and to book, call facilitator Rachel Clare Campling on 07766 256911 or email

Rachel Clare Campling: “I’m a registered dramatherapist and experienced group facilitator living near the beach. After specialist training in Environmental Arts Therapy, I find my life and work inspired by love of the natural world, passion for creative arts and curiosity about the love, respect and healing possible between humans and the rest of nature.”
Further Information: Teacher/Event Details
Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Time: 19:00-21:00 GMT
Duration: 2 hours